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24 March

Inspirations – Debra Garside’s Sable Island Wild Horses

Here at oopoomoo we love to showcase inspiring portfolios from photographers around the world. This week we want to showcase a local Alberta photographer, Debra Garside, who we got to know well during our recent trip to Antarctica.  Not only is Debra a wonderful person, she is also a fantastic photographer of wildlife, landscapes and […]

20 March

The Weekly Walk – February Results

As many of you know I started a Weekly Walk in January to make a connection with my surroundings. Sam and I have been house sitting in various locations since we left Aurum Lodge in November where we were artists in residence. The weekly walks let me explore the area around the house sitting locations […]

14 March

Why I Still Love Photography – 30 Years Later

When I was a kid one of my favorite things to do was to head out in the woods alone and sit quietly and look around. I would see and hear birds and squirrels going about their daily business. I would watch ants carry loads three times their body size. I would marvel at the […]