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30 June

And the Winner Is…Kill the Clutter Project Results

Thirty seven days ago, I set myself a daunting task. By June 30 (yes, of this year), I was going to finish processing my image backlog or delete whatever folders were unprocessed. The reason for this decision was personal: I’m not creative when I have things I ought to do before the things I want […]

25 June

Heads Up: Watch for our Newsletter Resubscription Notice

Hello oopoomoo faithful. You may have seen in your email inbox the latest oopoomoo Newsletter (for those of you who subscribe). Canada has passed new anti-spam legislation (read about CASL here) which requires anyone who sends a commercial electronic message in Canada to be able to prove that they had consent to send such a […]

23 June

The 100 Mile Diet for Photographers

This article was previously published in Outdoor Photography Canada (OPC) one year ago. The newest issue of OPC is a visual treat and we highly recommend a subscription if you love outdoor and nature photography! We know a lot of photographers who only dig out the camera when they travel. It’s easy to understand why. Most […]