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25 September

The Best of Sleeper Sundays Part II

Over at the oopoomoo Facebook Group we encourage people to share those photos they initially passed over but when viewed over and over pass the test of time. You know, images that are OK when freshly made but like a fine scotch they get better and better with age. Below Sam and I present a […]

14 September

The Importance of Shooting for Yourself in this Internet World of Photography

Here at oopoomoo we have always emphasized creative vision in photography. As a photographer you should honour your interests and express those interests from your heart. In short, we try to teach photographers to be artists. Unfortunately, social media and the internet don’t reward the slow path to self discovery but instead it rewards instant […]

3 September

The Return of Fabulous Film Fridays!

Here at oopoomoo we love photography, and we mean that in the most literal sense; we use cameras to make our art and the more we strive to graph light with our cameras, the better we like it! When we shot film, all the work was done in the camera especially when we shot with […]