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18 September

The Thirsty Photographer: Where do you turn to quench your creative thirst?

Lately, we’ve noticed photographers posting and writing about a need for more inspiration to fire up their photography. Do you suffer from the deadly blahs sometimes? Is everything around you dusty and dry to the senses? Do you long for a deep, cool drink of refreshing creativity? One of the reasons we have the Inspirations […]

12 September

Taming Surface Reflections with a Polarizer Filter

A polarizing filter has been permanently attached to my lens for so long that I simply take it for granted. I rarely remove it but yet continue to be surprised during those condititions that demonstrate just how magical and dramatic the effect can be. Using a polarizing filter can have more impact and value than […]

8 September

Life Lessons We Learned from Brando (our dog)

Anyone who follows the oopoomoo blog probably knows about our dog, Brando, who starred in several of our photo instructional videos including Proper Use of Zoom Lens for Story-Telling Photos. Brando left us on August 26 for fields filled with ground squirrels, rabbits and jars of peanut butter and no one to tell him ‘leave […]