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2 May

Raw plus JPEG: A More Efficient Image Workflow?

It seems photographers fall into two camps; those who shoot Raw and those who shoot JPEGS. Few photographers shoot both. Raw shooters want to capture the most data possible from their cameras so they have the most information available to tweak in post-production. In the film days the negative was the analog data base used […]

8 April

Does Weather Always Win?

What does an artist thief, a prairie-town wine bar, and El Niño have in common? The answer is a missed deadline that whooshed by so fast I got whiplash! As a landscape photographer, weather plays an important part in my ability to get out and shoot – or should I say, my enjoyment of getting […]

18 March

Who Are You Creatively?

This article was first published in Outdoor Photography Canada just over a year ago, to get these articles fresh from the press be sure to subscribe to the magazine! Who Are you Creatively? Why do you make photographs? Some people will answer that they make photographs because they want to document their travels or important […]

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